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Segway Advertising in San Diego Is an Eco-Friendly way to present your brand directly to consumers, open the door for a very new brand experience and surprise them with the approach. Segway covers different social and corporative global aspects like airport patrolling, transit stations, institutions, shopping malls, campuses, conventions etc.

Our distinctive Segway format offer a new dimensions to street level promotions and consumer interaction. Each Segway has an allocated brand ambassador wearing the client's corporate clothing. Co-ordinated leaflet handouts & Bluetooth facility is also an option with this format.

Our bespoke Segway shields offer a full 270 degree copy area and poster production is based on quality water resistant digitally printed vinyl. The format is both carbon-neutral and eco friendly.

The advertising shields are made out of hard plastic with removable attachments for easy storage and transportation (include the wheel cover)

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